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Let me introduce myself, My name is Diane and I create these musicpurse bags. I've been making them since about 2002. I'm a music lover and these just work. 

So many out there claim they are the original, there are albumpurses, recordpurses and etc I ran across a lady that made a form of an album purse  from the late 70's she even had pics. Seems like you can find alot of designs out there since 2002. but doing a market search there was only one out there and it was a full size tote more the size of a grocery bag versus an purse. So from the beginning of making these with nuts and bolts wood backing and net/web sides very raw looking, with the original ones, to rivets pockets, lining and canvas outershell on the latest versions. This newest version is one I settled on. My customers asked for zipper tops and longer straps and when I did my last design I incorporated these into the design. I also wanted a pocket for my cell phone since I, and alot of women I watched when the phone rang they were digging to the bottom of their bag for the phone. So I hope I've given you a little background on me , And when you  buy, You'll find you  have alot of fun with these bags