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 Vania said Feb 2013"Hi there. I just wanted to thank you again for my purse - Van Halen's 5150. I love it! It couldn't have come at a better time! It looks great, and I've already received some compliments on it. :-)."
Jim Said Feb 2013"Hope all is well. Time for my annual purse present for my wife."
Denise  Jan 2013"Your product is darling! I was at a NYE party last night and a friend was showing hers off…..I got very excited about the potential to give such a personal gift! Since word of mouth is the best form of advertising, I'll do my part to spread the word."
Margie Dec 2012"I bought 2 of our purses for gifts 4 years ago. My daughter got one and when I was helping her move, I spotted it. It was a Jim Morrison purse. She had hardly used it so I have it now. EVERY TIME I go out at least 3 people ask me about it and tell me how cool it is. I've thought about making some cards with your website on it! Yesterday a woman who works at Office Max started singing People are Strange....I've had so much fun using this purse. Have you had a lot of orders from Washington State? I've given your web information out to at least 100 people.
Cheryl Oct 2012 "Hi it was great to meet you at the Art show today. I love the small purse I bought for my niece-- it's heading to MD where she lives. It's neat that my friend, you and I all bought the monkeys as our 1st album! Your work makes me happy. Thanks for the time and work you invest in these purses. Take care!
Terry Dec 2011 "Also I just sent out a blast email to everyone on my email list and FB page about your site and how satisified I’ve been w/your products…hope ya get some orders off it. "
Christie Nov 2011 "I received the bag you made for me last week...I love it! Excellent work and my friends and family love it, too."
Vicki Oct 2011 "GREAT! Thank you again for all your help and prompt attention to my
order! Can't wait to see them! Once again...just LOVE your purses!!